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CORE 4 delivers the latest update to our best-value library bundle series. Bundle and save big on our highest quality sound libraries – curated from our exclusive collaborations with Oscar®-winners like Mark Mangini (Dune), Richard King (Dunkirk), and top recordists from around the world. Boost your workflow and creativity for less than ever with comprehensive coverage and sonic inspiration on every project.

CORE 4: Pro Plus is a next level collection for heavy duty sound artists – now updated with our newest releases. Unlock your full sonic storytelling potential with a vast palette of creative fuel and pristine recordings to cover any need.

Here's what you get with CORE 4: Pro Plus

CORE 4 Pro Plus Features


Key Features:
650,000+ Sounds
Files / Size ?
162,000+ Files / 2.9TB
Categories (UCS) ?
590+ Categories
126 Total
20 New
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2,204 Hours
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Libraries included

10 General Libraries:

Odyssey Collection Complete

Odyssey Collection: Complete

Odyssey Collection Expanded

Odyssey Collection: Expanded

Odyssey Collection Essentials

Odyssey Collection: Essentials


Odyssey Collection: Starter

King Collection Vol. 1

King Collection:
Vol. 1

Sound Mountain Collection Vol.1

Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 1


Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 2

GEN_Vol1_Product Title_500px

Gen Collection:
Vol. 1

GEN_Vol2_Product Title_500px

Gen Collection:
Vol. 2

GEN_Vol3_Product Title_500px

Gen Collection:
Vol. 3

116 Specialty Libraries:

Alan Howarths Cinematic Dread

Alan Howarth's Cinematic Dread



Cinematic Winds

Cinematic Winds





european-capitals (1)

European Capitals


King Collection: Aircraft - Pro


King Collection: Guns - Pro

Liminal Void

Liminal Void


Odyssey Collection: Ambiences


Odyssey Collection: Creatures


Odyssey Collection: Humans

RattlingRides_Product Image_500px

Rattling Rides



Useful-Interface (1)

Useful Interface

Waves Wind Water

Waves Wind Water

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General Libraries

  • Odyssey Collection: Starter
  • Odyssey Collection: Essentials
  • Odyssey Collection: Expanded
  • Odyssey Collection: Complete
  • King Collection: Vol. 1
  • Sound Mountain Collection: Vol.1
  • Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 2
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 1
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 2
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 3

Specialty Libraries

  • Alan Howarth's Cinematic Dread
  • All Metal
  • Ambient Moods
  • Anime
  • Ann's Animals
  • Antwerp Ambisonics
  • Beautiful Bugs
  • Biophony
  • Borneo Rainforest
  • Buick Coupe (1933)
  • Canines
  • Chicago Ambisonics
  • Cinematic Winds
  • Cinematic Winds: Vol. 2
  • Colossal
  • Crashes & Impacts
  • Crashing Waves
  • Dark Matter
  • Detonate
  • Dodge Ram 3500
  • Doors
  • Ducati Streetfighter
  • Dynamic Debris
  • Ember
  • European Capitals
  • Foley Essentials
  • Ford Ambulance
  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Ford Model A (1931)
  • Gators
  • Hyundai Genesis
  • Industrial Sounds with Soul
  • Indy Cars
  • Interference
  • King Collection: Aircraft
  • King Collection: Aircraft - Pro
  • King Collection: Guns
  • King Collection: Guns - Pro
  • King Collection: Watercraft
  • LA Ambisonics
  • Lamborghini Murciélago
  • Liminal Void
  • London Ambisonics
  • Metallik
  • Metalmorphosis
  • NYC Ambisonics
  • NYC Ambisonics Vol. 2
  • Odyssey Collection: Ambiences
  • Odyssey Collection: Creatures
  • Odyssey Collection: Design Elements
  • Odyssey Collection: Designed
  • Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects
  • Odyssey Collection: Humans
  • Odyssey Collection: Machines
  • Odyssey Collection: Vehicles
  • Odyssey Collection: Vehicles - Basic
  • Odyssey Collection: Warfare
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Paris Ambisonics
  • Pass Bys
  • Print
  • Rattling Rides
  • Shanghai Ambisonics
  • Sonomar Collection: Abandoned
  • Sonomar Collection: Bass Machine
  • Sonomar Collection: Blacksmith
  • Sonomar Collection: By the Sea
  • Sonomar Collection: Cameras
  • Sonomar Collection: Cityscapes
  • Sonomar Collection: Crowds
  • Sonomar Collection: Crystal Sing
  • Sonomar Collection: Cymbals
  • Sonomar Collection: Magnetic
  • Sonomar Collection: Pianos
  • Sonomar Collection: Speed Machine
  • Sonomar Collection: Trains
  • Stallion
  • Submerged
  • Taylor Dunn Electric Utility Golf Cart
  • Tesla Roadster Prototype
  • Tires
  • Tokyo Ambisonics
  • Tommy Gun
  • Urban Elements
  • Useful Interface
  • Vault Door
  • Vehicle Workup: 2001 Saleen Mustang
  • Vintage Harleys
  • Water Flow
  • Waves Wind Water
  • When Plants Attack!
  • Wildlife Collection: Bengal Tiger
  • Wildlife Collection: Capuchin Monkeys
  • Wildlife Collection: Grizzly Bear
  • Wildlife Collection: Leopards
  • Wolves
  • Wu Collection: Polaris Sportsman ATV
  • Wu Collection: Vehicles Vol.1

View New Librariescircle-plus-icon

General Libraries

  • Gen Collection: Vol. 3
  • Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 2

Specialty Libraries

  • Buick Coupe (1933)
  • Crashing Waves
  • Dodge Ram 3500
  • Ducati Streetfighter
  • Ford Ambulance
  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Ford Model A (1931)
  • Hyundai Genesis
  • Lamborghini Murciélago
  • Liminal Void
  • Rattling Rides
  • Sonomar Collection: By the Sea
  • Sonomar Collection: Cameras
  • Taylor Dunn Electric Utility Golf Cart
  • Tesla Roadster Prototype
  • Tires
  • Vault Door
  • Vintage Harleys

See what’s new in CORE 4: Pro Plus

Expand your toolset with our freshest sonic inspiration. Now updated with a selection of our newest releases from 2022:

  • 20 New Libraries
  • 50,000+ New Sounds
  • 13,000+ New Files (512GB)

Listen to sounds in
CORE 4: Pro Plus

Create with the highest quality. Each library is curated from our exclusive network of Academy Award®-winners and world-class recordists. Listen to a small sample of sounds included.

What sound artists are saying about CORE 4


The Odyssey Collection is completely killer. I can’t even tell you how easy it has made the last three projects I worked on compared to how I was working before.

david-delizza David DeLizza Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer


King Collection Vol. 1’s fresh palette of sounds is inspiring to work with. Rich metadata and great character make for efficient searches and refreshing new ideas.

Matt Yocum Matt Yocum Sound Designer


Cinematic Winds is an incredible collection of mind-blowing wind recordings. I never want to work on another project without this sound effects library ever again.

colin-lechner Colin Lechner Re-recording Mixer
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