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The Specialty Sampler Bundle features over 10GB of expressive and unique sound effects captured by our world-class network of recordists – hand-picked from exclusive Pro Sound Effects specialty libraries.

This bundle of sounds is 100% royalty-free for commercial or personal use in any audio project from film and television to game audio, podcast, music production, broadcast and beyond.

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About Pro Sound Effects Specialty Libraries

Our mission is to develop the most useful sound effects libraries that empower great storytelling with next level sound. Our Specialty Sampler Bundle highlights the diverse and distinct sounds found in PSE Specialty Libraries, containing sounds from film sound legends, exclusive and innovative recordings, and more.

See what sound artists are saying about some of our most popular specialty libraries:

“Very usable and very unique… I’ve never heard libraries that capture that fidelity of low end quite as nicely as this has done…the clarity of the sound, I can’t hear any noise…It sounds phenomenal.”
Gators Review


Barney Oram
Game Sound Designer

“For me, it’s not about recreating reality. It’s about what else the sound can convey. That’s a quality I like about Ann’s sounds - each sound is about much more than what it actually represents.”
Industrial Sounds with Soul Review

Martin Stig AndersenMartin Stig Anderson
Game Sound Designer & Composer


“The NYC Ambisonics library is a brilliant value and adds a level of New York authenticity to any project set in New York...To ice the cake, the metadata is very clear and detailed."
– NYC Ambisonics Review

Brad EnglekingBrad Engleking
Sound Supervisor, Re-recording Mixer


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