CORE Reviews:

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“The perfect place to start your sound effects collection. CORE Creator delivered exactly what I needed and then some.”

Jonathan Abarca, Sound Designer, CORE Creator


“Very high quality, versatile, and fresh sounds. Made by people who understand what we need as sound designers and editors.”

Eric Thorsell, Sound Designer, CORE Standard


“Comprehensive and current cinematic sound library. Very wide range of high quality sounds.”

Joseph Schnaudt, Editor, CORE Pro



Odyssey Collection Reviews:

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"These are the kind of sounds I’m always looking for. Everything has character and a great cinematic feel. I’m amazed by the variety, quality and organization."

Will Files, Supervising Sound Editor


"Odyssey is a very special and beautifully curated library full of depth, richness and character. Kudos to PSE for presenting a stellar collection."

Paula Fairfield
Paula Fairfield, Sound Designer


"Extremely useful. All I have to do is type in 'ODY' and I know I will find something fresh, unique, and most importantly CINEMATIC. Everything is very high quality."

Robert Stambler
Robert Stambler, Sound Designer



King Collection Reviews:

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"King Collection Vol. 1's fresh palette of sounds is inspiring to work with. Rich metadata and great character make for efficient searches and refreshing new ideas."

Matt Yocum crop
Matt Yocum, Sound Designer


"I have over a million files in my library, and the sounds in King Collection Vol. 1 are like nothing else. Every sound has character and mood, and the metadata is brilliant."

Vijay Rathinam, Sound Designer


"The sounds in King Collection are high-quality and oozing with character, and they fit right into my projects without much additional time spent tweaking and processing."

Mike James Gallagher, Sound Designer



Hybrid Library Reviews:

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"The most thorough cross-sectional library I’ve used in 18 years of work in the film & TV industry."

Adrian Ferry
Adrian Ferry, Post Magazine Review


"I have so many more options at my fingertips. This library has certainly paid for itself many times over."

Michael O'Connor, Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Mixer


"There is literally no way you will go without the sound effects you need with the Hybrid Library."

George Peters
George Peters, Sound & Picture Review



SoundQ Reviews:

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"Pro Sound Effects has the best curated sound effects library on the market, and with SoundQ I now have cloud access to a massive library for one low monthly price! I travel a lot, so I love the easy access without having to bring a hard copy on-the-go."

Korey Pereira, M.P.S.E., Soularity Sound


"A quick search and send directly to Premiere Pro is something I've been looking for forever. SoundQ is the missing link!"

Kelsey Brannan, Host of Premiere Gal


"After a quick and easy setup, I was blown away at how seamless the implementation was into our everyday workflow. SoundQ’s user-focused design and robust cloud-based library makes it a must-have for any team looking to boost creativity and efficiency."

Grant Elder, Harbor Picture Company


PSE Solutions Reviews:

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"Getting our PSE Solution in place at Viceland helped us to really transform our audio post workflow, from both a creativity and efficiency standpoint."

John Northcraft, Sr. Audio Post Engineer, Vice


"PSE is a cornerstone of our library. Our custom license allows for 70+ sound designers across 16 studios worldwide. Making sure our entire company is covered for these essential audio resources is critical to our success in putting out the highest quality game audio experiences."

Ben Minto, Audio Director, EA DICE


"Great sound design can really finish out a piece, and having great sound effects at our fingertips makes that process a whole lot easier."

Graham Metzger, Editor, Hootenanny


"As a filmmaker, knowing that we have access to a powerful sound library helps us make creative decisions throughout production and gives us a huge advantage way before we even get to post production. We often shoot in remote and sometimes treacherous environments with small teams, so any aspect of production that I know I don't need to worry about in the field can be a big time and budget saver. Because the sound library is so diverse and such high-quality, I usually have an idea of what we do and don't need to record on location, so that's a big safety net for us. We not only save time and money during production, but the end result sounds just as good as if we'd recorded it on location ourselves. As a result, our clients with big or small budgets both get videos with great sound."

Nathan Dappen, Filmmaker, Day's Edge Productions


"We do sound for a living, so we need access to the newest sounds and greatest variety possible. We owe that to our projects, our clients, and our creators. Pro Sound Effects has been instrumental to us being able to achieve that ideal.”

Philip K., Audio Director