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Award-winning companies like Turner, VICE, and Electronic Arts license our general sound effects libraries to create our favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and more. PSE sound library solutions provide our clients with inspiration and peace of mind, with simple, blanket licensing to allow unlimited usage and total creative freedom. You own what you make. 100% licensed and royalty-free.

Ensure your team has access to the best creative resourcesour expertly-recorded and curated libraries and flexible licensing options allow you to seamlessly integrate high quality sounds into your team's creative process. Explore the possibilities below, and contact us for a custom consultation and quote with recommendations for your company.



"PSE’s Master Library is a cornerstone of our library with custom licensing making it available to 60+ sound designers located across 14 studios worldwide."


Ben Minto - Audio Director


"Working with PSE has increased the quality of my clients projects in such a drastic way that they don't want to use anyone else for their sound needs!"


James Findlay - Sound Designer 


"We know that everything is licensed for proper usage and ready to go. Having the library centrally located has really improved our audio workflow."


Frank Caratozzolo - Post Production Supervisor


Customized for your unique setup and needs

We know from experience that every company has different priorities, so we’ll work with you to customize the best possible scenario for you all around.

Need to pay with a PO? No problem. Need to have your legal team review and revise our license agreement? We do that all the time. Need a detailed proposal with trial access to share with your team? All day! Just need a quick quote to show your boss? So easy.

icn-checkWe work with you to determine your best fit 

icn-checkFlexible access (hard drive / online)

icn-check100% legal clearance

icn-checkPOs accepted

icn-checkSave Time, Save Money, Sound Great



Our top solutions for Companies 

Hybrid Library

Hybrid Library

  • 63,000 sounds
  • Reliable, go-to sonic resource for daily use
  • Available on Hard Drive and Online
  • Optimized metadata search helps you find sounds fast
  • Great for: Ad agencies, full-service creatives, editorial, games, trailers, TV.

Pricing: Starts at $3,995 (Buyout) or $1,295 per year



Master Library

Master Library

  • 200,000 sounds
  • Our most complete, comprehensive solution.
  • Available on Hard Drive and Online
  • Optimized metadata search helps you find sounds fast
  • Great for: Any company with a dedicated audio post team, AAA video games, film / episodic television, general audio post, sound design.

Pricing: Starts at $11,995 (Buyout) or $3,295 per year


What our clients love about our solutions…

“It’s the main library we use. It’s a great go-to for sounds we use everyday, and it also has some really unique elements for building layered sounds."

“We always do some amount of custom recording for all of the jobs we do - feet on a specific surface, group voices for backgrounds - and that part of our library has really grown since we opened, but we still use the Master Library every day.”

Andrew Tracy

ndrew Tracy – One Thousand Birds
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 Purchasing Options

Choose the purchasing option that best suits your team and budget


Buyout License

Blanket License

  • Ideal for companies with multiple users
  • Flat, Annual fee covers unlimited usage
  • Customize deal to your unique specs
  • Allows for full legal review
  • View MULA Principal Terms



Flexible Access to your Library 



Online Web-based Access

Ideal for:
  • Editorial / Full-service media creators
  • Schools
  • Companies accessing from multiple locations
  • Trial Access to test out our libraries
Hard Drive

Hard Drive Local Access

Ideal for:
  • Dedicated Audio Producers
  • Studios that use audio asset management software (eg. Soundminer, Basehead, etc.)

Get Started with a Custom Consultation & Quote

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Feel free to browse our site for libraries or individual downloads, and complete the normal checkout process for a 1-user license.