Version: SoundQ 2022.10.26
macOS Supports macOS 10.12+ (10.14+ recommended)


Version: SoundQ 2022.10.26
Windows  Supports Windows 10+ - 64-bit version

Welcome to SoundQ! We will be adding many features over the coming weeks and months. Feel free to send any feedback to us using this form


  • Fixed some issues with login process, including password reset not functional
  • Updated Readmes


  • Fixed Startup in Offline Mode not working (window contents remain hidden)
  • Fixed Collection Tree Drag and Drop stop working after switching accounts or going on/offline
  • Fixed Collection Tree UI / states (expanded, selected, scroll position, etc.) lost after switching accounts or going on/offline
  • Fixed issues with downloading/playing/rendering certain .wav, .ogg, and .mp3 audio files
  • Fixed rendering wave previews randomly skipping chunks of audio (rendering zeros)
  • Fixed Drag and Drop to Collection Tree hover states ‘stuck’
  • Other minor bugs fixes
  • Native ARM support for newer macs
  • Revamped Login
    • login now happens with a web browser, so that you can use your password managers
    • removes the secondary “Authenticator” app
  • Launch speed is now at least twice as fast
  • App size reduced by half
  • Fix for “use credits?” popup blocking downloads, and popping up even after you purchase.
  • Added credits remaining to “use credits?” prompt
  • Improved clarity on how to manage your subscription, upgrade, or buy credits (more of this to come)
  • Moved credits amount to account panel, since it now only applies to the pro sound effects store/collection.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements



  • Faster Drag and Drop Workflow – you can now drag directly from the waveform view
  • Additional option to auto-hide SoundQ window during drag and drop
  • High-quality downloads toggle, turn off for slower internet connections
  • Offline Mode – you can now log in and use SoundQ offline, with access to your local files (requires an initial online login which is then good for 30 days before needing to go online again)
  • Accessibility support for screen readers
  • Added a Single Purchases collection, to give cloud access to your purchased individual sounds


  • UI refresh of all popup dialogs, including the Export Panel
  • Added loading bar to show download progress of sounds
  • More performance improvements, particularly when scrolling through the results list and Info Panel
  • Reaper plugin now supports ARM Macs
  • Installer improvements and fixes
  • Fixed some bugs around sendTo paths
  • Reduced size of database logs folder
  • Fixed startup issues on Windows
  • Many other crash fixes/bug fixes


  • Lots of performance improvements
  • Fixed installer error for some users
  • Various smaller bug fixes



  • SoundQ Sound Effects collection. A huge collection of sounds with unlimited downloads – i.e. this collection does not use credits!
  • SoundQ Music collection. 18k music tracks of all genres –  also does not use credits.
  • Improvements to Collections management
  • Select multiple collections at once by shift or command clicking
  • Reorder multiple collections at once by selecting and dragging
  • Delete multiple collections at once with a contextual menu
  • Thumbnails now load only when visible
  • Huge performance improvements
  • Lots of under the hood bug fixes
  • Experimental language translation feature when searching any of the cloud collections. Auto-detects the language of the word being typed and translates it to English before searching our English metadata on the cloud


  • PSE owned collection (which show up if you have purchased any PSE libraries) is now a top-level collection for easier access and is titled "Purchases" (for non-Teams users)
  • Updated icons and text descriptions and some album artwork
  • Many more bug fixes and under the hood improvements (and many more on the way!)



  • Collections! Total redesign of the libraries panel, now called Collections Panel. You can now:
    • Organize sounds into different collections, there is no size limit so a collection could be an entire sound library, or a folder for your current project, or anything in between
    • Add both cloud sounds AND local sounds to any custom collection. This is great for keeping track of which cloud sounds you’ve been using, from PSE cloud or Freesound.
    • Reorder, duplicate, and nest collections as much as you want
    • Label collections with icons, colors and names
    • Drag and drop sounds directly to collections (both from Finder/Explorer or from SoundQ results list)
    • Select which collections you want to include when searching for sounds
    • Quickly ‘solo’ a collection to view only the contents of that collection, with a back button to return to your previous selections.
    • Target collections. Select a collection as a target, for quickly adding sounds to that collection with the ‘t’ key shortcut.
  • Cloud sounds now export with embedded metadata
  • New search filters look and feel


  • Filter tags area is now scrollable
  • UI updates for the import panel
  • Further performance optimizations of the results list


  • Files with 192 kHz sample rate would occasionally crash SoundQ with extreme speed changes
  • Invisible text issue in windows file dialogs
  • Various database fixes to avoid crashes when launching SoundQ
  • Small fixes for SoundQ Teams, and account info not updating when logging into different accounts



  • Fixed an issue where the first sound wouldn't load when there was only one search result
  • Major updates to iXML metadata processing
  • Embed metadata now working for all fields
  • Improved metadata parsing when importing files
  • Relink now works properly for files with commas/semicolons in the filename
  • Fixed a Drag and drop issue where SoundQ would delete a downloaded cloud file after a successful import into a host DAW/NLE (Only an issue if your host application wasn't copying media on import)
  • Minor UI Improvements


  • Spot to Pro Tools bug fixes


  • NEW: Spot to Adobe Premiere directly from SoundQ
  • Improved Export Panel UI and additional options
  • Updated waveform and playhead UI
  • More consistent UI when more cloud results are loading
  • Added common keyboard shortcuts for text editing
  • Fixed a bug that would cause SoundQ to crash when quitting on Windows
  • Fixed a few bugs that prevented SoundQ from launching successfully for a few users
  • Improved reliability of spot to timeline feature
  • Improved error logging


  • NEW Export results to CSV File
  • NEW Spot to Pro Tools or Reaper with Handles (or entire file)
  • Improved preference window
  • Improved Skipped files log
  • Files can now exist in multiple libraries
  • Much improved UI on Windows, including better text rendering and higher resolution images
  • Fixed keyboard focus issues
  • Fixed occasional gaps in waveform visualization
  • Filter tags are no longer hidden after closing panels
  • Fixed invalid characters in contextual menu on Windows
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a small number of users from successfully launching SoundQ


  • New/Improved layout for the column view options
  • Now displaying search filters as "tags" that can be removed individually
  • New UI for accessibility permissions for Spot to Timeline
  • Improved accessibility permissions workflow for Spot to Timeline
  • Bug fix to prevent crashes when SoundQ fails to load a cloud file
  • Other UI tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements


  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly gave users a warning that credits would be used when transferring a sound (although Freesound does NOT use credits)
  • UI Improvements


  • Loading results when scrolling is now MUCH faster and smoother
  • Major performance improvements around selecting libraries in the libraries panel
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Various UI improvements
  • Improved default view setting for first launch
  • Playback now stops after spotting
  • Improved Log in UX


  • Album art now displays for PSE cloud libraries 
  • Improved waveform loading for cloud sounds
  • A redesigned libraries panel
  • Ability to select individual PSE cloud libraries to peruse, as well as easy access to any libraries that you own
  • Redesigned export/send panel for selecting the destination for your sounds
  • Credits remaining now displays properly
  • Many, many small UI improvements
  • Improved import panel
  • Account management now allows users to update their subscriptions, and add more credits
  • Bug fixes related to audio device issues, and spotting to pro tools producing white noise on occasion
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements


  • Artwork now loads properly for cloud files
  • UI Improvements
  • Under the hood improvements for better efficiency and reliability


  • Optimized preview streaming of Pro Sound Effects cloud library. It's much snappier all around!
  • Connection status indicator
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Send status popup now automatically closes 2 seconds after a successful send
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed issues around exporting/spotting files
  • The export panel now saves your last used path and destination
  • Transfer path in preferences now syncs with the export panel
  • Various bug fixes


Welcome to SoundQ Early Release!

How to get started with SoundQ:

  • Download and open the SoundQ installer.
  • Launch SoundQ
  • Register an account using your work email address.
  • Search, browse, preview, and implement sounds from the cloud, directly into your project!