Everything you need to deliver your best sound always.

CORE 3 delivers the latest update to our best-value general library series. Fuel creativity, work faster, and deliver your best with award-winning quality sound for less than ever before.

CORE 3: Standard is a powerful, go-to bundle delivering the essentials if you use sound every day – now updated with a selection of our newest releases.


Here's what you get with CORE 3: Standard



Key Features:

  • 170,000+ Sounds
  • 38,000+ Files (639GB) More Info
    • 5 General Libraries
    • 27 Specialty Libraries
  • NEW: 3,000+ New Files Added Oct. 2021 - See What's New
  • 500+ Categories: Universal Category System (UCS) More Info
  • Descriptive Embedded Metadata: View Sound List
  • SoundQ Software: 1-Month Subscription More Info
  • Delivery Options: Instant Download or Hard Drive Delivery
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Includes everything in CORE 3: Creator – and more.

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General Libraries Included:

Stay in the creative zone and deliver your best work with hundreds of categories to cover your needs for any project.

The Odyssey Collection: StarterThe Odyssey Collection: Starter
Go-to sounds for any project  from Oscar®-winning sound artists Mark Mangini (Mad Max: Fury Road) & Richard L. Anderson (Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Odyssey EssentialsThe Odyssey Collection: Essentials
More characterful, cinematic general sound effects from Oscar®-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson. 

sound-mountain-collection-vol-1-embedSound Mountain Collection: Volume 1
Inspire your creative projects with a treasure trove of vivid recordings from renowned film sound artists Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet.

King Collection: Volume 1 - by Richard KingKing Collection: Volume 1
Vibrant, emotive sounds with an emphasis on realism from Oscar®-winning sound editor Richard King (Dunkirk, Inception).

Gen Collection: Vol. 1Gen Collection: Volume 1
Fresh, go-to general sounds from the next generation of recordists.

Specialty Libraries Included:

Handle unique settings and inspire your designs with theme-focused libraries created to cover your project-specific needs.

Cinematic WindsCinematic Winds
Our most popular specialty library ever. Evocative wind recordings from film sound legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet.

Smoldering, crackling and roaring fire sound effects from Oscar®-winning sound editor Richard King.

Colossal: Trailer Sound EffectsColossal
Deliver maximum power with fresh, modern, high-energy trailer sound effects including impacts, whooshes, transitions and more.

Urban ElementsUrban Elements
Build your city scenes with lifelike details of urban soundscapes.

What's New
in CORE 3: Standard

Expand your toolset with our freshest sonic inspiration.
Updated with a selection of our newest releases from 2021:

  • 6 New Libraries More Info
  • 12,000+ New Sounds
  • 3,000+ New Files (60GB) More Info
  • View Sound List (New Content Only)



What sound artists are saying about the libraries included in CORE

"Odyssey is completely killer. I can't even tell you how easy it has made the last three projects I worked on compared to how I was working before."

David DeLizza

David DeLizza
Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer


"King Collection's fresh palette of sounds is inspiring to work with. Rich metadata and great character make for efficient searches and refreshing ideas."

Matt Yocum

Matt Yocum
Sound Designer


“Very high quality, versatile, and fresh sounds. Made by people who understand what we need as sound designers and sound editors.”


Eric Thorsell
Sound Designer


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Find the perfect sound to tell your story – instantly. We have invested tens of thousands of hours carefully cataloging each sound file. Detailed, rich descriptions will inspire your workflow with lightning-fast, pinpoint search results and fresh creative ideas.

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