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Award-winning sounds at your fingertips

CORE 5: Pro is a powerful, go-to general library at the best value possible. Bundle and save on sound effects from top recordists and Oscar®-winners like Mark Mangini (Dune) & Richard King (Oppenheimer).

  • Find Sounds Faster
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Deliver Your Best
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Key features:
Sounds ?
380,000+ Sounds
95,000+ Files (1.8 TB)
Categories (UCS) ?
600+ Categories
Duration ?
57+ Days
76 Total
10 New
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What’s inside

We curated CORE 5: Pro to be your go-to general library for daily use on any project.

Featured Libraries

CORE 5: Pro contains all libraries in CORE 5: Standard and more.
Explore some of the most popular libraries included:


Odyssey Collection: Expanded

King Collection Vol. 1

King Collection:
Vol. 1


King Collection:
Vol. 2

Sound Mountain Collection Vol.1

Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 1


Gen Collection:
Vol. 4


Gen Collection:
Vol. 5

Alan Howarths Cinematic Dread

Alan Howarth's Cinematic Dread

Cinematic Winds

Cinematic Winds


King Collection: Guns

Foley Essentials

Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects


Odyssey Collection: Vehicles



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General Libraries
  • Odyssey Collection: Expanded
  • Odyssey Collection: Essentials
  • Odyssey Collection: Starter
  • King Collection: Vol. 1
  • King Collection: Vol. 2
  • Sound Mountain Collection: Vol. 1
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 1
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 2
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 3
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 4
  • Gen Collection: Vol. 5
Specialty Libraries
  • Alan Howarth's Cinematic Dread
  • Ambient Moods
  • Anime
  • Ann's Animals
  • Biophony
  • Borneo Rainforest
  • Canines
  • Cinematic Winds
  • Cinematic Winds Vol. 2
  • Colossal
  • Crashing Waves
  • Dark Matter
  • Detonate
  • Doors
  • Ember
  • Foley Essentials
  • Footsteps
  • Gators
  • Industrial Sounds with Soul
  • Interference
  • Kinetic
  • King Collection: Aircraft
  • King Collection: Guns
  • Liminal Void
  • Metallik
  • Metalmorphosis
  • NYC Ambisonics
  • Odyssey Collection: Design Elements
  • Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects
  • Odyssey Collection: Vehicles
  • Odyssey Collection: Vehicles - Basic
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Pass Bys
  • Print
  • Rain
  • Something Creaky
  • Sonomar Collection: Abandoned
  • Sonomar Collection: Bass Machine
  • Sonomar Collection: Cityscapes
  • Sonomar Collection: Crowds
  • Sonomar Collection: Crystal Sing
  • Sonomar Collection: Magnetic
  • Sonomar Collection: Speed Machine
  • Sonomar Collection: Trains
  • Submerged
  • Tires
  • Urban Elements
  • Useful Interface
  • Vault Door
  • Vehicle Workup: 2001 Saleen Mustang
  • Vintage Harleys
  • Water Flow
  • Waterphone
  • Waves Wind Water
  • Waves Wind Water Vol. 2
  • When Plants Attack!
  • Wildlife Collection: Bengal Tiger
  • Wildlife Collection: Capuchin Monkeys
  • Wildlife Collection: Grizzly Bear
  • Wildlife Collection: Leopards
  • Wolves
  • Wu Collection: Polaris Sportsman ATV
  • Wu Collection: Vehicles Vol. 1

See what’s new in CORE 5: Pro

Expand your toolset with our freshest sonic inspiration.

  • 10 New Libraries ?
  • 50,000+ New Sounds
  • 14,000+ New Files (440 GB) ?

What sound artists are saying


When buying a new library I want a combination of ready-to-use sounds, as well as source material for new sound design. CORE 5 offers such a wide variety of both.

matt-yocum-2023_1 Matt Yocum Sound Designer


Just knowing that Pro Sound Effects is there with the crème de la crème of what's available commercially gives me enormous comfort and confidence.

robby-stambler Robby StamblerSound Designer, Editor


I officially co-sign on this library. Tons of great individual libraries with high quality sounds. CORE 5 will make a great addition to my SFX library.

marc-schmidt Marc Schmidt
Sound Designer
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