Download all of your libraries in one place.

With the Download Manager application, you can instantly download any library purchased from Pro Sound Effects at lightning-fast speeds. No more unzipping separate parts and reorganizing. Just select your Download Path and go.


System Requirements:
macOS macOS 10.10 and later



System Requirements:
windows-icn Windows 7 and later


Download Manager


Getting Started Instructions:

  1. Download the PSE Download Manager via the button above. (Supports macOS 10.10 and later, Windows 7 and later.)

  2. Open the .pkg or .exe and follow the steps to install the PSE Download Manager.

  3. Launch the PSE Download Manager application. Login for this app uses the same account as the new Pro Sound Effects website.

    Note: If your account is not recognized, you may need to create a new account. Use the same email addressed you used to purchase libraries from our old website, and your order history will be added to your new account once created.

  4. After logging in, the Download Manager will check your account for past purchases and display all libraries available for download.

  5. For each library, you can choose a download path – or you can set a new default download directory in the settings page by clicking this icon: download-manager-settings-icon

  6. To begin a download, simply click the download-manager-download-button button for the library you’d like to download. 

    Please note: If you move files in the middle of a download, the Download Manager will assume you are missing these files and redownload. If you want to continue the download in a different location, first move the files, then update the download path in the download manager to the new directory.